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Santa Ana Grants Equity: Workshop #1

This project is designed and facilitated by Adriana Sánchez Alexander, a writer, educator, and cultural worker from Santa Ana, CA.

**The first 3 workshops of this series are FREE and open to all.**

The Santa Ana Grants Equity project will launch May 20, 2019 at Makara Center for the Arts. SAGE is a monthly workshop from May-July, culminating in a five-week SAGE Intensive in August. Participants will also get a certificate of completion and access to "Grants Office Hours" for the remainder of 2019.  

The SAGE Project will help participants identify funding opportunities, write successful grant narratives, determine and measure outcomes, and get on a path towards creating sustainable revenue for their project. The goal is to get participants truly submission-ready for 2020, with practical advice and direction on a pathway that fits their idea.  This project is intended for artists, individuals, or organizations/collectives who are working in arts and culture in Santa Ana, who come from communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in terms of grants funding, and who have a project idea they would like to work on.  Participants do NOT need to have nonprofit status as their goal; this workshop series is also for people that want to make it work as a non-non-profit. 

 In considering who is "traditionally underrepresented," we will consider language, socioeconomic status, immigration status, disability, age, and/or LGBTQ+.

Program Dates:

**SAGE Workshop #1: May 20, 6:30PM - 8PM

**SAGE Workshop #2: June 17, 6:30PM - 8PM

**SAGE Workshop #3: July 22, 6:30PM - 8PM

**The first 3 workshops of this series are FREE and open to all.**

SAGE Intensive #1: July 29, 6:30PM - 8PM

SAGE Intensive #2: August 5, 6:30PM - 8PM

SAGE Intensive #3: August 12 20, 6:30PM - 8PM

SAGE Intensive #4: August 19, 6:30PM - 8PM

SAGE Intensive #5: August 26, 6:30PM - 8PM

Adriana Sánchez Alexander is a writer, educator, and cultural worker from Santa Ana, CA with a background in designing and implementing community-based arts projects.  She is a founder of Workshop for Community Arts (2007), an arts collaborative that works across artistic disciplines to re-imagine what it looks like to create art in partnership with community.  In 2016, Workshop for Community Arts was a recipient of grants from the California Arts Council and the National Association for Latino Arts and Culture.  

With over 10 years of grants experience, Adriana has written all kinds of grant applications for all kinds of organizations, both arts-based and not.  She has developed grant narratives for dozens of organizations as a Grants & Communications Consultant for The Olin Group (a nonprofit consulting firm in OC), as Development & Communications Coordinator for the Teaching Artist Support Collaborative of California, and as Grants & Communications Manager for ACCIÓN Texas.  She also formerly directed the Writers in Communities program at Gemini Ink, a literary arts nonprofit located in San Antonio, TX, where she oversaw the successful writing and implementation of an NEA Arts & Aging grant for intergenerational storytelling.  

She received her MFA in poetry from UC Irvine in 2009 and a Master of Public Policy degree, also at UC Irvine, in 2015.  

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