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Spanish Sin Pena: 3 Strategies to Reclaim Your Spanish

Spanish Sin Pena: 3 Strategies to Reclaim your Spanish
Connect with Your Culture and Community
Taught by Wendy Ramirez
Saturday, February 16
12pm - 2pm

This workshop intention will inspire, motivate and share useful tips for community members to feel confident speaking and sharing their message in Spanish.

Spanish is the 2nd largest native language in the world and the 3rd most used language on the internet. There are now more than 577 million Spanish speakers in the world. 50 million live in the U.S. Yet study shows that Latinos in the US assimilate and lose their ability to communicate in Spanish by the second and third generation.

There are many reasons why we lose our language, including discrimination, lack of practice, intimidation around fluent speakers, and no commitment to learn or practice. Yet there so many ways speaking Spanish would benefit us: more professional opportunities, connections to our culture and community, more meaningful volunteer and travel opportunities and spreading our personal message to more people.

This workshop is led by Wendy Ramirez, a visionary entrepreneur and accomplished professional. Wendy has more than 20 years of experience in law, politics, public policy, international development and education. Her professional experiences include working on immigration in the US Congress and democracy development in Latin America. Through her work with Spanish Sin Pen, Wendy aims to help her community with services and resources that can empower them to reclaim the language that they are losing or have lost.

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