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Peace & Justice: Mesa Blanca Practices in Puerto Rico and Latin American Links

(illustration by Missy Chimovitz for Longreads)

(illustration by Missy Chimovitz for Longreads)

Makara Center for the Arts is honored to welcome Dr. Ysamur Flores-Peña to share his knowledge and insight with our communities.

Dr. Flores will guide us through the history and meaning of Mesa Blanca practices, and how to “read” altars as documents. We will follow Mesa Blanca from its roots in Puerto Rico throughout other manifestations in Latin America, and investigate how migration patterns have influenced the way traditions adapt in order to survive. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion exploring traditional practices, identity, gender, and family.

Dr. Ysamur Flores Peña is an Associate Professor at Otis College of Art & Design and a well-respected elder and keeper of the traditions of Lucumi. He has received a Ph.D in Folklore from UCLA, a MA in Education from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico, and a BA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Puerto Rico. His studies have focused on African-based religions in the New World. 

Earlier Event: March 2
Later Event: March 22
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