The Buried Giant

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

Reviewed by Adriana A.

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In your own words, what was the book about? 

This book is about a couple who live in an ancient England where a mist that makes everyone forget covers the country.  Everyone has forgotten so much -- the couple have even forgotten where their grown son lives.  However, they feel a strong pull that they must leave on a journey to find him, being sure only of the rightness of finding him and of their love for one another.  But maybe it is the forgetting that has allowed this certainty of feeling.  What will happen when the mist lifts and everyone starts to remember?

Describe something that surprised you about the book or something that has stayed with you:

Something about the purity of the couple's interactions with each other are very moving.  And the last scene was unforgettable.

Please share any thoughts you have about the book or the experience reading it:

It's not a fast read, and you really have to get into the pace of the couple's journey.  The book reveals itself patiently.

Would you recommend to another reader?